My First Week - Remote On-boarding & Training

Posted 2/4/2020 by Claire Bayman

Well, I have come to the end of my first week with Bayman, Topping and Smythe and I just thought I would share my experience of someone that has started in a new role with a new business in these unprecedented times and has therefore had to be onboarded remotely.

The first thing is simple - technology is just amazing, I have been able to be trained via Microsoft Teams and although it loses the personal touch slightly, it is absolutely achievable and I don’t feel that my training has been impacted greatly at all. I totally appreciate that it can be slightly daunting, the prospect of being onboarded remotely, but I am living proof that a lot can be accomplished and you can also still feel that you are contributing to the business and are very much still part of the team.

If I can give any advice at all, it would be to ensure that each training session is broken up into small parts and that adequate breaks are taken to get up and have a walk around. This might sound like common sense to frequent computer users but whilst training remotely I have found it is so easy to get really involved and before you realise it, an entire morning has gone!

I have been incredibly lucky, in that the people that have been training me have been exceptionally patient and as a result I feel that overall, the onboarding has worked well. I am finishing week one with a sense of accomplishment and am already looking forward to week two and what that will bring.

Hopefully, this will help put people’s mind at rest and if you are starting remotely soon then I wish you luck and I really hope you enjoy your first week as much as I have.

Have a lovely weekend.



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