Happy 1st Year Anniversary BT&S!

Posted 30/6/2020 by Claire Bayman

Well, it’s now been a full year and what an incredible year of highs – we cannot believe where the time has gone - as we are writing this and reflecting over the last twelve months, we never thought it would be in a pandemic lockdown scenario. We have come such a long way since a chat over coffee and us starting to think about setting up on our own.

We have gone from thinking we knew what we were doing (to then a bit of flying by the seat of our pants) to knowing what we do now, in terms of operating from a business perspective. We were always confident in our knowledge from a front-line operational side, but alongside our existing skills, have also learnt how to negotiate contracts and terms from the other side, not as a supplier. We have had to source microsite builders and become IT experts, to enable us to achieve the things we took for granted in previous roles/companies (where apparently it just happened by magic!) Claire has even had a crash course in website maximisation and H codes (don’t ask).

We got off to a flying start and were supported by a great bunch of clients, both as employers and as candidates. We planned to recruit (all being well) our first employee around September 2020, but we actually recruited Jane to come onboard in March 2020 – just in time for lockdown. So, as we always do, we took it in our stride and 100% remotely onboarded her, not getting to meet for the first time, apart from via Teams, until nearly three months in.  She too has taken it in her BT&S stride and been an amazing addition to our family.

A quick word from Claire

“Personally, I have had a blast so far – some sleepless nights, a few 10-15-hour days but also celebrations involving nice food and wine (none of which are new concepts to us). However, I don’t think I would have done so well and especially in this weird time, without the lovely Tracy. She is the calm to my frenzy, the yin to my yang, very much my other half and ‘work wife’. To counter balance; I am the person who makes her switch off, take time out with her family, counter the times when she has what she terms a ‘head wobble’ and generally enjoy the experience of working for ourselves and not into the ground. Thanks Tracy for being my business partner and being side-by-side in everything we have achieved together this year, I look forward to many years to come as we grow our work family – and getting more actual time together again with both you and Jane.”

A quick word from Tracy

“It has been an amazing year and  what we have achieved has far exceeded what I could have imagined, the pre-worries of whether we would survive, never mind expand, got blown out of the water – I have so many people to thank for that, not least the people who we have worked with us and who have put their trust in us. Our families, who have provided the support, the push and encouragement that we could do this, because they believed in us, through to the two incredible ladies I work with on a day-to-day basis, who are more than just work colleagues but my friends who support me each and every single day.

Jane joined us right at the start of COVID and her resilience and how she has just picked up things and has run with it has been astounding and just proves what an amazing addition she is along with her consistent bursts of enthusiasm and positivity.

And then to Claire – I could not have done, or neither would I have wanted to, do this without her. She is by far one of the best in our industry and I am so pleased and privileged that she chose to make this incredible journey with me. When we jumped off that cliff into the unknown she was the one that was holding my hand and was the one that gave me the confidence to do it – her determination, passion, business acumen, focus, positivity and compassion for people is an inspiration and cascades throughout our daily lives both at work and at home. She consistently ensures we don’t take ourselves too seriously, whilst providing  the daily encouragement and support and pick me up’s when needed – not once have I have regretted our decision and only look forward to seeing what more we can achieve”

We have only been able to achieve all of the above because of people placing their trust in us and supporting us every step of the way so it is a BIG thank you from all of us, from the bottom of our hearts.

COVID has thrown us a curve ball but we will still push through and celebrate in the best way we know how - the BT&S family will come together a little later today for a nice lunch in the garden (with a little glass of fizz) and an afternoon of true friendship and laughter.

May everyone stay safe and we hope to come and have a cup of coffee very soon – we will bring the biscuits!





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