BT&S New Year - what's next?

Posted 29/7/2020 by Claire Bayman

When we started our new venture last year – we spent a lot of time planning and the one thing that we know in hindsight was missing from our SWAT analysis was a Global Pandemic. However, we are very much of the mindset that when life gives you lemons – you should make lemonade (as it goes with so many drink combinations…).

So how did Year 2 month 1 go. We can honestly say with a step up in activity and we had to get our running shoes on. Tracy has literally been doing that as part of her Zero to 5km challenge which she started in lockdown.

We had our 1st job of our New Year called in and then went on to an average of a job a day ever since. We got our first offer in on that first day which was accepted and have had 1 a week since then, with our 1st one starting within the month. All in all, we think it’s a good start to a new Quarter and positive signs for us and the local economy getting back to a semblance of normality, whilst recognising we have a long hard slog to be back to the old normal.

Our Month in numbers:

  • Jobs registered                                22
  • Candidates Registered                   194
  • Interviews set up                            30
  • Jobs filled                                          6

A common topic of conversation we have with our clients is discussions around the New V Old Normal, and there seems to be a real agreement that there will be a definitive shift on work patterns and practices, as we have been forced as a population to deal with remote working. Using technology that was already there, but previously treated with suspicion, and the new trust that has formed between employer and employees around WFH.

We can see WFH becoming the next ‘must have’ benefit for candidates when they look for new jobs in the years to come, with organisations trying to jam back into the old mould of ‘being seen at your desk proves your productive and keen’, seen as old fashioned. However,  we should bear in mind that there will always be the need for some form of office set up available, as we are human and social creatures, but its about getting the right balance for everyone around individual circumstances and preference that will be the next challenge.


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