Happy Hallowe'en 2021

Posted 28/10/2021 by Claire Bayman

Well, it’s definitely become autumnal in the last few weeks – I love the colours it brings to the trees as I pootle around with Noodle on our walks. I do wish it would make its’ mind up on ‘cold v mild’ as I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe is getting mixed messages…

So, what does autumn bring to BT&S so far – well, it’s been as busy as ever, we haven’t stopped on the recruiting front. The world is slowly trying to get back to normal with a few hiccups along the way, so I think we are in this for a while longer, but in recruitment terms it’s busy, and business as usual.

The market has definitely shifted to a candidate-driven one in the last 6 - 9 months, as things picked up. It reminds me of when we have come out of recessions each time (yes I am that old to have done more than once…), and the new roles are created, but there has been a lack of training of new people who are coming onto the market. It always leads to a shortage of the available people for popular roles, and good interims become a short supply.

What does this mean for the employers? Reactive times to applicants; don’t create barriers of entry to prospective candidates – as they have more opportunities than ever so don’t ‘need’ to jump through hoops; think outside the box on transferrable skills, don’t try and tick a box on a CV Match as it opens up a larger pool to look at – and you can benefit from other sector experience as a bonus.

In other news – October is the month for World Smile Day which I think is every day for me, and it ends on Halloween. We have had people out  pumpkin picking, dressing up for parties, making warm hearty soups to share, and looking at what goals we have achieved and still want to achieve for the rest of 2021.

We are on track with our Goals, even a step ahead – so we are looking forward to creating plans for 2022 already, which will allow us to enjoy the end of the Year with an actual, not virtual, Christmas Party (fingers crossed) and family and friends time together (safely) as the next 2 months progress.



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