It's all about Alishah.

Posted 18/9/2023 by Claire Bayman

Spotlight on Alishah

We talk a lot with our clients about the importance of training and development, and of bringing people with potential into the team as a solution to the ongoing challenge and the lack of candidates. Due to many challenges and the change in working patterns, remote working training had become harder so experienced people had just ‘cracked on’ and done things themselves.

As times change, and whilst the world of COVID still lingers in many aspects of people's lives, we are very much now in the world of just getting on with things and being back into offices more, which naturally enables that work-based training to happen.

 So just over 3 months ago, we took the plunge and recruited our 1st ever apprentice to Team BAS.

Alishah has had to absorb a massive amount of information over the last few months. She has had to learn not only the terminology of finance recruitment but job titles she would never have come across. Different sector nuances and foibles and classic IT and systems training are also things she has had to learn quickly.

She has also had to learn to work within a fast-paced environment, where the day can change at the drop of a hat, the focus can jump in minutes from one role to the next, from the sense of urgency for a temporary role, to the more informed delivery of a permanent role.

So how has she done? Amazing, what a recruit. She has a superb eye for detail for CV searching, she is better on our CRM system than we are, and now is getting to grips with the world of LinkedIn. Our team continues to grow, and if every recruit is as good as Alishah we will continue to go from strength to strength.


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